2015 Adult Expo Interview: Dana DeArmond

Captain Jack Interviews Dana DeArmond

Dana has been in the industry for 11 years now and has done practically everything there is to do on camera. She shows no signs of slowing down and that is a boon to porn fans everywhere. I had a chance to sit down with her at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo to find out some of her views on the industry.

Dana DeArmond

Captain Jack: I’m always interested about how girls entered the industry. What’s the Dana DeArmond story?

Dana DeArmond: I started in porn in February of 2004 I applied to work at Kink, which was called Cyber Net back then, because I wanted to be on FuckingMachines.com.

CJ: Do you think it was advantageous to enter the industry at a later date than compared to when you were an 18-year old?

Dana: I don’t think your age is indicative of your comfort level with your body and your sexuality.

CJ: What kind of jobs did you have before the adult industry?

Dana: I was a stripper and I worked as a dancer so I’ve never had a real job. That’s awesome! (laughs) Never have I ever had a real job.

CJ: Before porn, were you very promiscuous?

Dana: No, not really. I still am not. (laughs)

CJ: Once you made the leap into porn, how long did it take you to reach a comfort level?

Dana: I’ve never been uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’ve never been uncomfortable with myself.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Dana: I really can’t narrow it down. I’ve easily done over 1000 scenes. I’m really into the Deen vs. DeArmond disc that was nominated for Best Showcase release. That one really shows our personalities and that was a fun movie. I liked that one.

CJ: That’s a perfect lead-in to my next question. You have insane chemistry with James Deen. Why are you two so compatible?

Dana: We kind of got in about the same time. Tommy Pistol and I have really good chemistry too. I don’t know, James and I can kind of read each other’s minds. We enjoy dominating people together, we’re friends and we just get each other. We’re friends, we fight, we have disagreements, we’ve beat each other up, we fuck, we make up… now we’ve been friends for over 10 years. There are just some people you’re going to be friends with forever, like James, Tommy, Joanna Angel, Aiden Starr, Kimberly Kane… just people who are important to me and I enjoy their company.

Dana DeArmond

CJ: You are great at both girl/girl as well as boy/girl, anal, DP’s whatever. Is there one particular type of scene you prefer?

Dana: I don’t have a favorite, no. I just enjoy doing all of them! It depends on the day, my co-star, the director, the setting. I don’t like being stopped when I’m performing. I like to let it flow, it leads to great energy. That’s the thing with Girlfriends Films, they never stop you when you’re shooting, they just let it flow. I don’t like to be directed too much. I’ve worked for Belladonna Entertainment for Aiden. He’s like a documentarian because he never tells me what to do. He lets me dress how I want and he sets me up with people he thinks I’m going to have a good scene with. I recently shot with Sasha Heart and for some reason I thought I would never be compatible with her but we had insane chemistry.

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Dana: I’m generally a passive and shy person. I don’t consider myself dominant or submissive. I believe in enjoying interacting with people and being polite and give people what they want without sacrificing what I want. I’ll be polite in society. I’m a shy and modest person and I like having a good time accordingly. There’s kind of a hierarchy with the Spiegler Girls. I’ve been with him for 8 years and other girls come up to me and ask for advice. Or they’re worried about their spot and they think Spiegler doesn’t like them or I don’t like them and I have to talk them down off the ledge a little bit. It’s like a strange Den Mother type of tradition I have. I just want everyone to do well, basically. When I tell a girl to not wear flip flops to an industry party, if she does it again, we’re going to have a problem. You have to fall in line, it’s like a sorority basically. And it’s not to be an asshole, she’s representing Spiegler and we all represent each other.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Dana before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Dana: I don’t know. I would have warned myself about the housing bubble. (laughs) I was going to buy a house in 2008. The housing bubble burst when I was in escrow so I backed out of it. But now, I wish I would have bought the house. I don’t like to take risks financially. I’m kind of conservative with my money. I wish I would have bought the house because the area where I was looking has blown up. That’s what I would have told myself. It has nothing to do with porn. (laughs)

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Dana: Lately, I’ve been going to a gentleman’s establishment in Hollywood. It’s a dive bar/strip club combo. It’s a lot of fun and I’m making friends with a lot of girls there. It’s a good place to get into trouble. I love it. I like making it rain on strippers. (laughs) Girls don’t actually take any of their clothes off there, it’s a bikini bar. And everyone’s so nice.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Dana; On Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, it’s @DanaDeArmond. And www.danadearmond.com, my official website.

Dana DeArmond

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