2015 Adult Expo Interview: Alexis Texas

Captain Jack Interviews Alexis Texas

Alexis was the co-host of the AVN Awards last week and she was signing at the Expo. I had a chance to catch up with her for a quick chat. This is a short interview because I was late getting over to her. Alexis is known for her big beautiful ass and, on behalf of all the fans, I asked her when she was going to appear on camera next.

Alexis Texas

Captain Jack: I always like to know how girls got their start in porn, so tell me the Alexis Texas story.

Alexis Texas: I got into porn in 2006 with a company called Shane’s World. They were doing a line called College Amateur Tour, trying to get girls who had never done porn before and I was the prodigy of that movie. And there you are!

CJ: You are known for your ass, when did that ass start to grow out?

Alexis: I’ve had this my entire life. I’ve started to embrace it more and was more voluptuous more towards high school. I just kind of tweaked it to enjoy my sexuality and make the boys all go crazy. All they boys enjoyed my big booty.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Alexis: I was 17.

CJ: Were you promiscuous after that?

Alexis: I was. Sex was just a good feeling that I didn’t want to give up.

CJ: So then why did you join the industry?

Alexis: It just kind of fell into my lap with the Shane’s World thing. I had never thought about getting into porn, I had never looked at porn before. I was just comfortable with my sexuality and felt comfortable in my own skin. It’s art, it’s how I express myself. We’re not all stick figures so we should all embrace our womanly figures.

CJ: How old were you?

Alexis: I was 21.

CJ: Did you sleep with women before porn too?

Alexis: I did not. The first time I was with a girl was with Brianna Love. I had kissed girls growing up, especially in college while you were drunk but sex was very taboo, especially lesbianism so the first time I was with a girl was on camera.

CJ: Now I know you were a bartender back in Texas. Johnny Depp once said, ‘I’m the same person I was 5 years ago but now I have women throwing themselves at me,’ are guys the same way? When you returned to Texas, did you get hit on more after you were famous?

Alexis: At the beginning, it was really Catch 22. There were some people who were offended that I got into the business for whatever reason. Texas is very conservative so they didn’t know why I would want to do such a horrible thing. For me, it was something much, much more than that. It was great. It taught me so much more about being a woman and expressing my sexuality that I loved it. It was mixed reviews but overall I think it went well.

Alexis Texas

CJ: If someone has lived underneath a rock and don’t know who you are, what Alexis Texas scene or DVD would you recommend?

Alexis: I really liked the The Insatiable Miss Alexis Texas by Jules Jordan that came out. I think it’s one of my best bodies of work and I did some really amazing scenes. He’s always a good director to work with.

CJ: You only did a handful of anal scenes. Wasn’t that your thing?

Alexis: Not really my thing. It’s something that I have to be horny and crave to want it so I try to keep it smaller to make it more intimate and special.

CJ: You didn’t have too many scenes released in 2014, what’s going on with your porn career?

Alexis: I’m not retired. I was with Adam and Eve. I ended my contract with them and created a digital marketing company called Blonde Panda and we created www.teamtexass.com It’s an online store that’s selling my merchandise. We just recently signed on 3 other girls so I’ve been working on that. I also have some new projects that are coming out this year that I’m pretty excited about. So you’ll have to stay tuned for more big booty action!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Alexis: My Twitter is @Alexis_Texas and my Instagram is WhiteGirlPoliticking

Alexis Texas

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